External Application

Where: Lincoln, NE

Who: Nebraska Public Media - Nebraska's PBS & NPR Station

Field: Live Broadcast / Sports / TV News / Technical Operations

Type: Full Time


Nebraska Public Media, Nebraska’s NPR & PBS Stations, is looking for a Senior Videographer/Editor who will be responsible for shooting single camera video productions, editing, and operating studio and remote television cameras. Position will perform single camera productions without direction and shoot more complex single camera productions. Primary responsibilities are Broadcast based productions, but there may be an opportunity to work on 360 video productions. The Senior Videographer/Editor will have the ability to produce programming at a higher level and have the opportunity to produce their own segments. This position will assist with training and equipment purchase decisions. Knowledge of production equipment, such as Drones, 360 VR cameras, DSLR cameras, 360 cameras, sliders, Gimbals and Jibs would be beneficial.


Associate’s degree in broadcasting or a related field plus Five years’ experience in capturing video and audio in the field, and editing with non-linear computer software. Knowledge: A working knowledge of a cross-section of production tools including television cameras, editing systems, lighting, audio equipment graphics. Knowledge of a multiple video formats and range of production techniques. Skills: Non-linear Editing skills; Abilities: Determine necessary equipment for assigned project, pack and travel to the site, capture content as required by the Producer, strike, and return equipment to proper location; Ability to position a camera and compose and shoot technically and aesthetically pleasing pictures.

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