External Application

Where: Dallas, TX

Who: Dallas Baptist University

Field: Live Broadcast / Sports / TV News / Technical Operations

Type: Full Time


- Extensive knowledge and experience producing live sports television consistent with ESPN+ standards and branding.
- Experience training students in graphics production consistent with the branding guidelines of ESPN+
- Working knowledge and experience working within a broadcast crew in various roles
- Experience with control room equipment, specifically but not limited to Ross Switchers, Ross Xpression graphics, NewTek 3Play, and Yamaha audio consoles.
- Manage the day-to-day technical support, installation, repair, and maintenance of key infrastructure components of the DBU Broadcast Control Room and venues.
- Ensure all cameras and on-site setups are operating and feeds are functioning properly for each broadcast.
- Ability to interact effectively with coaches, administrators, and vendors.
- Help to integrate production equipment across facilities.
- Assess and make recommendations for software and hardware for broadcast workflows.
- Must have strong organizational, management, and leadership skills.
- Able to manage a team of student workers and schedule them as needed.
- Proven ability to multi-task effectively, prioritize assignments, and meet deadlines.
- Performing other related duties as assigned


Devoted to Christ
Must have an understanding of the Mission and Vision of Dallas Baptist University
Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast, Engineering, or related field with experience
Operates efficiently with minimal supervision.
Highly organized and detail-oriented
Capable communicator
Willing to work flexible hours.
Ability to maintain professionalism and situational awareness during stressful situations.
Strong problem-solving skills

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