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Where: Dallas, TX

Field: Live Broadcast / Sports / TV News / Technical Operations

Salary: $45,000.00 — $55,000.00 per year

Type: Contracted


FULL TIME POSITION: WBC Productions is seeking a passionate and motivated Videographer/Editor to grow within our small and talented team. The position requires the basic skills to shoot a properly framed and lit interview and capture visually compelling b roll. The candidate will have at a minimum basic graphic ability. The ideal candidate enjoys creative endeavors and the opportunity to travel while working mostly remotely. You will also work in a fast-paced environment to help manage the team's production schedule. The most successful candidate will also be proficient in graphic design, have a strong grasp of videography/video editing. The candidate should also have willingness to learn in order to cover knowledge gaps and grow within the role. Applicants can reside in any US city near a major airport. Perks of the job will include traveling, working remotely and can help create their own schedule.

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