External Application

Where: Miami, FL

Field: Live Broadcast / Sports / TV News / Technical Operations

Type: Full Time


The main responsibilities of the Broadcast Production, Operations & Services Senior Manager for the FIFA World Cup 2026 include:
Develop and execute comprehensive technical strategies for broadcast operations, ensuring flawless content delivery during the FIFA World Cup 2026.
Lead media coordination during significant events like ceremonies and press conferences, ensuring seamless execution and broadcast coverage.
Manage and supervise a team responsible for planning, executing, and optimizing broadcast operations during all matches and events of the FIFA World Cup 2026.
Collaborate with broadcasters, production crews, and technical vendors to ensure the seamless setup and operation of broadcast equipment, cameras, graphics, and audio systems.
Monitor and maintain technical quality and adherence to broadcast standards, troubleshooting and resolving issues promptly to guarantee uninterrupted transmission.
Ensure compliance with FIFA's broadcasting guidelines and regulations, including territorial rights, advertising regulations, and content restrictions.
Coordinate with production teams to enhance storytelling through camera angles, replays, graphics, and innovative visual elements.
Collaborate with IT and cybersecurity teams to ensure the security and integrity of broadcast systems and prevent unauthorized access or disruptions.
Develop contingency plans and disaster recovery protocols to handle unexpected technical failures and challenges during live broadcasts.
Monitor audience feedback and performance metrics to continually enhance broadcast quality and address viewer preferences.
Conduct post-event assessments, evaluating broadcast operations, identifying successes and areas for improvement, and proposing enhancements for future events.
Foster relationships with sponsors, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring effective collaboration and amplifying the FIFA World Cup's global media presence.


Bachelor’s degree or similar level of higher education
Minimum 6 years of experience in Broadcasting, sports media, or related field
In-depth understanding of broadcast equipment, systems, and production workflows
Strong interpersonal skills to effectively liaise with broadcasters, vendors, production teams, and stakeholders
Experience in live event broadcasting and/or media production
Ability to lead and motivate a diverse team
Fluent in English. Spanish and/or French proficiency is a plus
Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio & Project) and planning software and online collaboration tools

About FWC2026

The FIFA World Cup 26™ will mark the first time that the tournament features 48 teams and will be hosted by three countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

This new format redefines excellence, generating unique opportunities for greater participation and engagement from fans and players in North America and all over the world. Now is your time to be a game changer and join the workforce that is planning and delivering this unique and unforgettable experience.


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