External Application

Where: Bristol, CT


Field: Live Broadcast / Sports / TV News / Technical Operations

Type: Full Time



Directs and controls the full scope of producing activities of a large full time, temporary and/or “matrixed” staff of producers and other professionals accountable for program development and production.

Sets and communicates the creative vision for ESPN’s soccer programming.

Approves creative content and production budgets for all soccer events and programs.

Responsible for scheduling the production staff and assigning talent for all soccer productions.

Collaborates with audience research to develop and execute production strategies to increase Time Spent Viewing for Soccer programming.

Manages all on-air Soccer talent; provides frequent and specific feedback to Soccer talent; helps to identify new Soccer talent we should consider pursuing.

Oversees and ensures the highest journalistic standards for all Soccer productions.

Directly and through key team members, sets and ensures compliance with the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of Soccer productions.

Creates and adjusts the concepts and content for Soccer productions to reach the largest possible number of viewers and to increase ESPN’s market penetration, ratings and viewership and financial results.

Uses the highest levels of mastery of Soccer knowledge including all leagues, national teams and domestic and global tournaments to determine the agenda, concepts and content of all Soccer productions.

Makes or reviews the decisions of team members regarding the full scope of creative, content, production and cost / benefit decisions for all aspects of ESPN’s Soccer productions.

Part of the decision-making process of all human resources decisions for all sports event production personnel.

Ensures that anyone who reports or speaks for ESPN has the highest moral, legal and financial concerns of the company in mind at all times.

Applies the highest level creative, journalistic and production skills to identifying and evaluating alternatives and to developing the concepts and content of Soccer productions.

Negotiates with ESPN’s top management for financial, human and facilities resources for Soccer productions.


Basic Qualifications

Fluency in both English and Spanish required.

Has a superior level of expertise in Soccer coverage including the ability to create and produce soccer matches regardless of production execution including full truck, REMI, and augmented world feeds; able to generate and execute at a high-level program and programming concepts, from inception to execution.

Has excellent knowledge of soccer including all leagues including US teams, national teams, and domestic and global tournaments as well as associated governing bodies and players.

Has experience leading in a global market like soccer, specifically with the Latin American markets.

Brings a solution-based approach to leadership of productions and has demonstrated optimism and adaptability to engage and lead teams.

Values collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders to drive the best content and execution of Soccer programming.

Has mastery of the studio and live sports production processes and the ability to produce at the highest level of sports event and news programs and programming.

Has excellent knowledge of what story ideas and concepts to use for sports news programs and programming.

Minimum of 10 years of progressively complex related production experience.

Has an in-depth understanding of ESPN’s market positioning and strategies.

Has a positive attitude and great ability to resolve conflict.

Required Education

High School Diploma or equivalent.

Preferred Education

College degree in communications or journalism or equivalent.

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