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  • Your basic job will appear on the ProductionHUB Network of Partner sites, including this one, in the order it was posted for 30 days.
Post a Featured Job $165.00
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Why Feature your Job With Us?

Use ProductionHUB so you can spend less time searching and more time meeting your clients' needs:

Compare Targeted & Professional Portfolios

You can quickly review and compare video demo reels, resumes and portfolios in potential candidates' profiles with a simple click of a mouse. This allows you to tell instantly if you are interested in those applying for the job.

You can sort, prioritize and 'favorite' your applicants to respond to your list of most qualified candidates.

Largest Reach to Most Relevant Industry Network

Featured Jobs are 10x more likely to receive the most ideal pool of candidates than basic jobs. And they always get the quickest responses, too!

We take pride in the prestigious partners in our Job Network, and those who help promote our job board: take a peek at some of the key players who support our mission of keeping the industry busy with work.

Our social media reach and influence (on media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) draws thousands of relevant job seekers daily.

Incomparable Prices & Success Rate

How do we know? Because we also hire people. Often. And we've used every big and small job service out there. We also hear it a lot from our customers. When we realized nothing came close to our targeted, seamless job process and customer service, we decided to make the process even better.

It's no secret that the majority of people don't click past the first few pages in search results. We reserve these premium spots for our Featured Jobs, which is one of the reasons you have the best chance of somebody clicking (and applying) your job when it's Featured. Featured jobs are also the only ones mentioned in our twice-monthly industry newsletter, which goes out to 90K subscribers. Oh yeah, and did we mention Featured jobs are also on the Home page?

We work hard to make sure the majority of our services are free for industry professionals – thanks in advance for helping us keep our profile system, among all our other services, free of charge for jobseekers. We (and they) truly thank you.

Service and Support

Our unmatched customer service support team is dedicated to finding you the ideal match for your position. Contact us today, we'd love to hear about your experience.

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